Security Posture Assessment

OBOTIS Group will benchmark your organization's current cyber security posture to the NIST Cyber Security Framework and identify an appropriate target state based upon your organization's threat, vulnerability, and appetite for risk profile. By combining the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Top 20 Critical Security Controls with the NIST framework a useful current/target state gap assessment can be conducted and used as a roadmap to implement prioritized activities to improve your security posture so it aligns with your organization's risk appetite.


program developmenT

OBOTIS Group can develop an information security program that identifies, manages, and protects your organization's information assets and sensitive data while aligning to your information security strategy and business goals thereby supporting an effective security posture.

An information security program encompasses all activities and resources that collectively provide information security services to your organization. Primary program activities include design, development and integration of organization-wide controls related to informations security, as well as the ongoing administration and management of those controls. Controls can range from simple policies and processes to highly complex technology solutions. 



OBOTIS Group can design a support solution to meet your organization's specific needs, including ad hoc project management services to deliver your information security initiatives.